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One of the great tools created for the cause of the Kingdom is the internet. We will be without excuse when we stand before the Lord and He reminds us of all the tools He made available for us to get the Gospel out into the world.

Here are many websites that I have found to help me in my journey.

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A mentor, friend, and example of true Christianity in action.

Author of "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist" and "Stealing From God." 

Good videos of answering the other side and materials for defeating evolution and atheism



Undercover investigations into the dirty secrets of the abortion industry.

Training college students to effectively defend the Christian Worldview.

Tools for rationally engaging the culture with wit and wisdom on the issue of abortion.

How to have a civil and productive conversation with those who oppose you.

British radio broadcast where the host brings in great thinkers to debate all kinds of theological issues. Listen to the best Christian thinkers "tear down the strongholds" of the top atheists and false teachers.


Author of "Tactics" and director of training program that gives great tools for engaging those who oppose you. The book "Tactics" is one of my three top books for effective dialogue. 


Greg is one of the forefathers of the abolitionist movement. He is a mentor to me. Great website filled with information.


Filled with great material to get the facts on abortion and effective tools for changing hearts and minds.

Excellent first stop for training on presenting the message effectively