Don Blythe at the United States Supreme Court

I’m Don Blythe, Christian Abolitionist.

While in college in the late seventies, I asked the Lord to lead me into a career ministry that would make a difference in the halls of Heaven.

Wow! Did He answer that prayer… and then some.

My mom always wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer and I’m involved in a ministry that delivers babies and I’ve spent time in the courtroom. That might translate into becoming a doctor and a lawyer for my mom.

Where do I go to save babies you ask?

Since you can’t have an impact without a collision I go to abortion centers, high schools, colleges, and on the streets handing out over 500,000 of our brochures. It is important to go where the people are living and engage the culture, resulting in thousands of babies saved and many lives brought to the foot of the Cross.

It has been over thirty-four years of ministry on the streets of America to “rescue those being led to the slaughter.” From standing with half a million pro-life marchers at the “Supreme” Court steps, to convincing over four thousand women that choosing life is the best and right solution, this has been the right message and the right time.

I owe all of my adventures to the Lord Jesus Christ, who paid the penalty for my sins, called me to a heart of repentance, and sent me into the battle for the souls of men and women. He also placed a small band of Believers along the way to be role models and my support team on the journey… to sow and reap the harvest.

Many of the photos on this page were taken outside abortion centers after new parents would seek me out to express thanks for rescuing their baby. I wouldn't trade this ministry for anything. Every time I get to meet one of these babies it is energizing for the battle.

There are over 700 abortion mills in America, and our country has exterminated 60 million pre-born babies since 1973. It is hard to put my mind around that number.

I stand in front of these mills every week and plead for the lives of those babies, and am also grateful for the Pregnancy Resource Centers who provide a safe place to go for those who change their minds.

The most heart–rending part of my ministry is outside the abortion centers. Millions of lives have been broken by this evil in our land.

Many people, from intolerant professors to angry feminists, don't like the pro-life message and want to silence us.

Some students follow their professors lead and try to shut us down. We do well to keep our cool and focus on the ones who will listen.

I've been threatened with knives, burned with cigarettes, punched, dragged into court, and dodged cars on the attack throughout all these years.

Some people hate us because they hate Jesus.

Our Project Truth team has handed out hundreds of thousands of brochures in front of high schools. Most students are willing to read our material and we have saved babies and changed lives because of the high school outreach.

Our campus outreach has taken us over to over two hundred colleges: from Stanford to UC Berkeley, Santa Barbara City College to Shasta College, UNLV to Oregon State to Laney College Oakland. We set up our banners in each campus center for two days and engage students with the truth.

The results are so incredible that our team often talks about God's fingerprints all over this outreach.

When students see their sin many have hearts of sorrow and repentance, seeking the healing of the Savior. The Project Truth team Warriors lead them to the Cross where each person finds forgiveness. I love this ministry.

The volunteer sidewalk counselors and college outreach warriors are the foot soldiers for the cause of the kingdom it is an honor to be counted among them as a fellow laborer in the "fields ripe unto harvest."

The commitment to The Cause by these, my friends, is inspiring and gives me energy to stay in the race.