A mixture of ministry DVD's and personal DVD's that I have enjoyed through the years. Many of these are great tools for getting the Gospel to your neighbors.

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A fantastic account of a young woman who stood up to the corrupt German government and Adolf Hitler.  Every person must watch this movie and learn about this great hero of the faith.  A documented movie where I plucked the words of Sophie's prayer I use for inspiration during my college ministry, "Lord God, transform this ground into fertile earth, so Your seeds do not fall in vain.  Let the longing grow for You the Creator, that they so often do not want to see."

True story of Simon Wiesenthal surviving the German Holocaust to become a Nazi hunter the remainder of his life.

American Christian drama with a powerful message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So powerful is the message that it overpowers the acting weaknesse of a few of the characters.  Great movie to share with unbelievers as well.


A fantastic true story of Christ at work through a high school football team in the seventies.  One of the best movies I have ever seen.


The incredible drama presentation by Dean Jones portraying John the Apostle, as he pens the words of Revelation.